Like any good project, I figured I shoud have a README file explaining what this is.

I’ve gone through multiple iterations of my personal site in the past (unfortunately it seems only one of which was picked up by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine - I’m still not sure how I landed on that design which I now regret). The general concept has always been the same - wanting to carve out a small piece of the internet to showcase some of the things I’ve worked on, and just generally have an online presence to show my résumé/work experience to potential recruiters.

While I expect this version will be largely similar, the one difference I’d like to explore is using it as an opportunity to share my own thoughts in more of a blog/post/article -type style. (I suppose another difference is I’ll no longer link directly to my résumé - Linkedin contains all the pertinent information and is generally more up-to-date).

I’m not quite sure where this will lead – how often it will get updated, what the tone of it will be, etc. – but I’m hoping at some point it can be beneficial to someone, at the very least myself to refer back to. Based on what I’m doing now, some likely topics will include Ruby/Rails development (and other languages - Elixir and Rust are both things I want to spend some time on), software architecture and career discussions.

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